Breaking the post drought

What a busy year. It has been so busy I have had so little time to do much craft at all. As Christmas is approaching I am going to attempt to do more, however, as I have decided to do some homemade presents this year.

I was going through some of my craft supplies last night when I discovered a slab of Oatmeal Melt and Pour Soap Base. The kids decided right then and there that they wanted to have a go at making their own soaps......right NOW! So I scrounged up a few basic supplies (colour, fragrance, and other additives) and, with a little help, they set to work. Here is what they came up with:


My son made the orange sea themed soaps and my daughter made the pink girly soaps (of course).

I think they did pretty well :)


  1. Yay so happy you have come back to your blog...I've missed following your crafty adventures. Pretty impressive soaps from the kids! :-)

  2. Thanks Sarah. Its easy to make great soaps when you have good supplies and some cute cake moulds :) I've made a cold pressed soap now (I felt like I was back at work) and it is currently setting. I will do another post once I've un-moulded it.


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