Monday, 30 May 2011

The craft of cake making

I admit I am not the best cake maker. In fact I struggle to put out a decent "looking" cake even though it might taste delish! So when Ned asked for a birthday party this year with a Porsche cake I freaked out a little. He then changed his mind and asked for a monster truck cake. So I did a bit of research and turns out it isn't all that hard to make a decent monster truck cake. I found a really good Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe that was pretty simple to make and brought some tools and a bit of fondant (I'd never used it before) and away I went. Here is the final result:

The main green icing for the truck and black for the wheels is actually a chocolate buttercream icing and the fondant was used for the rest of the decorations. The birthday party theme was "superheroes" so I coloured some of the fondant and made a "SuperNed" logo to go on the front of the truck:

The cake was a big hit at his party. The kids were wanting thirds!!! I must say, with the chocolate buttercream icing it was rather yummy.

Making this cake I did see how someone could love doing this for a living. I had so much mess though that I think once or twice a year is more than enough for me. Have a look at the cakes on flickr that other people have made though; absolutely amazing!!!

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