Saturday, 15 January 2011

QLD Flood Relief Auctions

My Australian readers will know all about the devastating floods that have hit the northern state of Queensland recently (as well as other parts of the country). There have been so many stories of loss as well as those of survival; many of which have bought me to tears. I have had to turn off the TV and am trying not to read the news as it just too heartbreaking. Like others, I have felt a bit helpless sitting here in my nice dry house surrounded by my loved ones. But we can all help!

The Australian craft community are running numerous auctions to raise funds. There are currently a few auctions running on facebook:

There will also be numerous auctions held through craft blogs all of next week. These were prompted by Toni Coward from Make it Perfect and the master list of auctions will be listed on her blog tomorrow night (there is also a link to these on the top right of my blog and these will also be open to people outside of Australia but please read the auctions conditions underneath each item before bidding).

So please, help out our fellow Aussies by bidding on an item (or 2 or 3) as I will be doing.

You can also donate directly to the Premiers QLD Flood Appeal if you do not wish to bid on an auction.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Alex Jacket

In my previous post I mentioned that I was doing a Test Knit for a fellow Ravelry member, Celia. Well I have finished and the pattern, The Alex Jacket, is now available for download. Here is my version in a size 2 knit for Isla (yarn was hand-dyed by myself also over the same coloured pink as the trim):

Isla and I adore this jacket. And as a bonus knitting it was easy and the fit is perfect. Plus there are a variety of different options in the pattern. I'll be knitting another one later in the year for Ned :)