Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - The year that was

In 2010 I made a lot of stuff and I also accumulated a lot of stuff. As a result my house is now fuller (not necessarily a good thing). Some of my favourite items from this year:

Even though I accomplished a lot, I feel sad knowing that this year is over as of tonight. This was the last year I had my boy at home with me as he will be heading off to big school soon. He, of course, is very excited. As soon as Christmas was over he was asking about it and we bought his first school uniform the other day. So I'm going to make the next 4 weeks as fun as possible, not just for him but for me too.

So craft wise, I have just finished knitting a shawlette (Christmas present) for my MIL which is currently blocking. I am almost half way through a hoodie test knit for Celia. Once the test knit is finished (hopefully this week) I will be taking a big break form all craft until after school starts. You may get a couple of non-craft related posts from me in the meantime (or pics of things I've finished but not put on here yet).

Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!