Thursday, 4 November 2010

Advent Calendar

I've been meaning to make an Advent Calendar for about 2 years now. This year my 4 year old keeps asking how long until Christmas so I think it's time I got my butt into gear. As a result I have now purchased some fabric and a few more colours of wool felt so I can make my own version. I have done up the plans, now I just have to make it. I am cheating a wee bit though; I found this Advent Calendar Fabric in Spotlight the other day and it was quite cheap and I figured it would save me a whole heap of embroidery on the numbers:

I'm not going to do a flip advent Calendar so the extra fabric squares, under the numbers, I will use to make Christmas Cards with (maybe not this year though).

I've found some really beautiful advent calendars online which I am using for inspiration:

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