Saturday, 2 October 2010


Yes, it is the time of the year when bloggers dedicate a whole month of blogging every day. Never fear, I lack the blogging stamina to be able to blog every day. Not to mention how ridiculously busy October is in general for me (see bottom of this post). I will however, try and blog at least once a week. Going to be hard though as all my cameras are out of action so I won't have any pics until I sort something camera perhaps?

So what about craft? Time for it is seriously lacking at the moment I am afraid. I am able to knit a few things here and there at night (lucky as I am making a present at the moment). Sewing time is the most limited and I try and do it whenever I get 5 mins to spare. I am making some boy dolls for a school craft fair this month with one down and four to go at this stage, so they are my "sewing priority". Here are a few knits I've done over the last couple of months though so you can see I haven't been entirely deprived ;)

Test Knit of Mermaid Dreams for Anne (Ladybug Loops) in Cotton - Gorgeous

"Selah" Elizabeth Tunic and my girl painting the back deck with water. I love this colourway from Mosaic Moon

So why am I so busy? It is Reusable Nappy Week this Month (11th-17th). As National Coordinator again this year it means making sure all the State Coordinators are finalising all their events and helping them with any last minute preparations. Plus attending the Sydney events during the week itself. Add a public holiday at the beginning of the month, birthdays, meeting up with old friends and a trip away and it makes for a pretty full month. "See" you again next week.

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