Thursday, 29 July 2010


OK this is a slighty off-topic post so I apologise in advance and promise to resume craft blogging soon. I've just come home from mothers group and one of those shopping trips that ends with upset children and an embarrassed and frazzled Mummy. As we were heading for the exit after grabbing a few groceries my almost 2yo decides to bolt for the door that leads directly onto the road. The millisecond I go to run after her, my 4yo pulls my arm and everything in my hand or hanging on it crashes to the ground, including a drink I was holding. I am momentarily halted before I can go chasing after the mischievous one, catching her a few metres from the door. I then race the 20m or so back with her under my arm to the 4yo and the mess all over the floor. Meanwhile quite a crowd had stopped to watch all of this as I was yelling at my naughty girl to stop repeatedly as I was chasing after her. A really nice older man helped me get everything back together. I thanked him and then hurried out to the car, glad to be going home.

I get home and about to post a comment on facebook, as you do these days, when I started to read this article along with all the comments posted by other readers. Suddenly I don't feel as angry at my kids or embarrassed. Just glad they are both OK and that we are free to live another day.

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