Monday, 19 July 2010

Items Completed 2009

Since I am removing this list from my side menu I thought I would add it in here so I can still keep the record of what I finished last year.

Bee Eater Longies (M/L)
Bee Eater Shorties (S)
Birthday Pinwheel Beanie
Birthday Swing top
Blossom Vanilla (L)
Blue Choc Vanilla (S)
Busy Bee Soaker Test Knit
Calorimetry x 2
Cherry Ripe Soaker (M)
Cot Bumper
Flower Garden Longies (S/M)
Hello Kitty Knitted Toy
Lavendar Cotton Shrug
Owl Skirt
Cord Overalls
Cord Pants with flowers
PJ Pants (Striped)
Recycled Jeans
Tiered Skirt (Pink)
Tiered Skirt (green)
Baby Block
Lacy Girly Fancy Hat
Mini Blankies (like Taggies)
Mini Boy Hat and Scarf
Mud Princess Juliette
My First Felted Bag
My First Kerchief
Brown Cord Pants
PJ Pants (Thomas)
Notebook Covers x Lots
Oriental Lily
Pinwheel Beanie Test Knit
Rainbow Mahayana Gloves
Riding Hood Sweater
Sewn headbands x 2
Sunset Curly Purly Soaker
Zoes Fat Quarter Skirt

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