Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sewing - Yay!

I've finally managed to get some more time at the sewing machine. Both kids needed new pants desperately. My little fairy has had a growth spurt and needed some new girly pants rather than her brothers hand-me-downs. So I made her a pair of wide-leg denim pants with floral corduroy cuffs (no pics, in the wash).

My little man requested "rocket pants with a comet Mum". So I looked around and whilst there were some OK applique designs I figured I would come up with my own for this. I drafted it on paper first then traced around each of the shapes with baking paper. I also freehand cut a star as the leg with the comet looked a bit "bare". I ended up just cutting my own pants pattern based on one I had used earlier because I didn't quite have enough fabric. He is so skinny and doesn't need as much width anyway so the legs are thinner than normal but I should have adjusted the bum a bit skinnier too. The pants were sewn up and they haven't been taken off for 3 days (though I am going to insist that they go in the wash tonight - but hey, at least he LOVES them).

Note: If you want to copy this for personal use that is fine, but please do not copy to sell.

And then of course I finished off the project bag for my colour swap. Very happy with this one though I wished I'd had some more pink or a matching teal blue fabric to line it with but with sick kids and then myself getting sick I haven't had time to get to SL. The pattern (if you can call a whole heap of scribble on a scrap bit of paper along with a very "rough" diagram a pattern) is very good in terms of the size and functionality. I am loving the one I made myself so I hope my swap recipient likes hers.

So I guess I ended up drafting a few more things than I had anticipated for this months June Sew-a-long Challenge but I am very happy that I did as I enjoyed every second of it and the projects turned out fabulous (well I think so anyway). In fact it has given me a bit of a "drafting" bug and I think I will be trying some leggings for Isla and some PJ pants for myself next. I figure it should be pretty easy to do both.

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