Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Catch Up

Just a quick catch up. Things have been pretty hectic around here with me trying to clear some space in the kids bedrooms by getting rid of baby stuff. The rain has meant Mt Washmore is out of control and I'm trying not to stress about it.

In the meantime I have (finally) completed Islas Winnie the Pooh Quilt I was planning to make over a year ago. This is my first large scale quilting project so whilst it isn't perfect and I could have done a bit better with my colour choices (although they match the rest of her bedroom) I am overall rather pleased with it. It is hard to tell from the photos but there is basic quilting around the blocks (stitch in the ditch) along with a few additional lines in the larger blocks. I have sort of free-quilted around the centre panel, outlining the features such as pooh, piglet, the log, flowers, trees etc. I have bought a darning foot to help me with this next time as it was hard without one and I will need it for future quilts (not that I plan to make lots of them).

I also bought fabric for a "spiderman rainbow quilt" for Mr demanding 4yo, and finished off a few rainbow knits for him (can you tell that "rainbow" is his favourite colour?):

Ned dyed the wool for these items himself with my landscapes (and me on hand to do all the important stuff such as mixing the colours for him and generally supervise). He loved it and I was instructed to knit these up as soon as he was finished.

I also finished a handspun pinny using some Woolganics and The Bird and The Fish Handspun for Isla which I just love and can't wait for her to wear.

I have started a Vivian for myself but I think I am being overly ambitious as it takes a lot of concentration for the charts and that's something my children don't allow me much these days so I have only completed 2 rows so far. I think I might have it finished in time for winter in 2011!

I have plans to make more stuff for my shop, both dolls and knitteds and maybe even some other things I have in the works also. I just need to find a few spare minutes to do them!

In the meantime I have set up a facebook fan page (I'm not sure why but I have) here. So please become a fan so I don't look so pathetic....LOL

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