Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 - The year that was

In 2010 I made a lot of stuff and I also accumulated a lot of stuff. As a result my house is now fuller (not necessarily a good thing). Some of my favourite items from this year:

Even though I accomplished a lot, I feel sad knowing that this year is over as of tonight. This was the last year I had my boy at home with me as he will be heading off to big school soon. He, of course, is very excited. As soon as Christmas was over he was asking about it and we bought his first school uniform the other day. So I'm going to make the next 4 weeks as fun as possible, not just for him but for me too.

So craft wise, I have just finished knitting a shawlette (Christmas present) for my MIL which is currently blocking. I am almost half way through a hoodie test knit for Celia. Once the test knit is finished (hopefully this week) I will be taking a big break form all craft until after school starts. You may get a couple of non-craft related posts from me in the meantime (or pics of things I've finished but not put on here yet).

Until then, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Some knitting and other craft

If you are crafty like me then you'll have been madly trying to finish off WIPs in time for the ever rapidly approaching Christmas. For me this has meant a bit of sewing, some knitting, and for something different, soap making (although that was mostly for us as a fun project for the kids and I). I have almost finished the advent Calendar. It is in use but I am not happy with the way I've hung it so after Christmas I will fix it up and then take pics of the new and improved Calendar with all the bits and pieces. My sewing progress stalled for a while as my machine died so my hubby bought me a new one for Christmaslove

I bought a Janome Memory Craft 5200. Lucky for me the Christmas specials were on at just the right time so i got a very good deal on it. It sews beautifully and I think I might be a little bit in love with it (so much better than my old machine). I wont give a full review on it yet as I haven't used it for very long. Anyway, enough about that.

Here are a few of the things I've made in preparation for Christmas:

1. Isla's Christmas outfit 2. Sorello KAL 3. Melt and Pour Olive Oil Soap 4. Little Rockets for the kids 5. Isla's Olearia Shrug

I think I'm all crafted out until after Christmas now. So have a very Merry Christmas and "See you" in the New Year :)

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Shutting up shop

I've come to the realisation that I don't have the dedication to be a knitty WAHM (unsurprising since I haven't even attempted to sell anything in the last 6 months).... So I've decided to shut up my madeit shop and just continue to make things for myself and my family.

I have listed the things I have had sitting in a box in my craft room for a good 9 months (all size SMALL) at reduced prices and I am offering free post for December (Australia only). But, if you mention that you've read this blog post and type in the code KKBLOG when you check-out, I'll discount the price by a further 10%.

Thanks and back to crafting (or in my case, lack of)....

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Christmas Sewing and Other Stuff

I've been doing a bit of sewing in addition to the Advent Calendar WIP.

Here is a pic of a quick fish for Ned as he and Isla were fighting over a knitted one I made a couple of years ago (pre-rav). This was a 15 min job of drafting up a quick pattern, cutting out the fabric (I used the outer of an old minky nappy for the fish and some felt and fabric scraps for the rest):

One of a few Christmas dresses I am making using various patterns from :

I have also just made a prototype pair of shorts for hubby (a template for some sailing shorts he wants with much more expensive/hard to get fabric), and sewn the buttons on Islas Olearia shrug (but I was one short....*sob*)

Since Tikki has been ill and the KAL put on hold for a week, I was able to get through the miles of stocking stitch left on Isla's Retrogirl. I love it and she looks gorgeous in it, the colour suits her, but I don't have modelled shots yet:

Lots happening around here, I just hope I can get everything I want done in time for Christmas!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Advent Calendar

I've been meaning to make an Advent Calendar for about 2 years now. This year my 4 year old keeps asking how long until Christmas so I think it's time I got my butt into gear. As a result I have now purchased some fabric and a few more colours of wool felt so I can make my own version. I have done up the plans, now I just have to make it. I am cheating a wee bit though; I found this Advent Calendar Fabric in Spotlight the other day and it was quite cheap and I figured it would save me a whole heap of embroidery on the numbers:

I'm not going to do a flip advent Calendar so the extra fabric squares, under the numbers, I will use to make Christmas Cards with (maybe not this year though).

I've found some really beautiful advent calendars online which I am using for inspiration:

Sunday, 17 October 2010

OK, so I suck...

at keeping up to date with this blog. Seems even once a week is a stretch at the moment. But you know what, that's OK. It means I am super busy in my real life and whilst that can make me a bit frazzled I do love being busy :)

I have managed a bit of dyeing recently, with some help from the creative artist (aged 4).

This one is eerily similar to another one Ned dyed earlier and it is thus called "Neds Rainbow #2
Needs rewinding after a bit of a tangle

These are actually 2 x 100g BWM Luxury destined to be a hoodie for the 2yo along with matching pale pink trim.

I've currently got around 3 things on the needles including a soaker for a knit along, am about to sign up for a Tikki knit along in Nov, have offered to knit a test for amazing knitter Shannon, and have a 5 point list of Christmas related crafts in an EB Christmas Craft along. It is likely I have bitten off more than I can chew but as long as I get half the things on my list done I'll be happy. Like I said, I love being busy :)

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Yes, it is the time of the year when bloggers dedicate a whole month of blogging every day. Never fear, I lack the blogging stamina to be able to blog every day. Not to mention how ridiculously busy October is in general for me (see bottom of this post). I will however, try and blog at least once a week. Going to be hard though as all my cameras are out of action so I won't have any pics until I sort something camera perhaps?

So what about craft? Time for it is seriously lacking at the moment I am afraid. I am able to knit a few things here and there at night (lucky as I am making a present at the moment). Sewing time is the most limited and I try and do it whenever I get 5 mins to spare. I am making some boy dolls for a school craft fair this month with one down and four to go at this stage, so they are my "sewing priority". Here are a few knits I've done over the last couple of months though so you can see I haven't been entirely deprived ;)

Test Knit of Mermaid Dreams for Anne (Ladybug Loops) in Cotton - Gorgeous

"Selah" Elizabeth Tunic and my girl painting the back deck with water. I love this colourway from Mosaic Moon

So why am I so busy? It is Reusable Nappy Week this Month (11th-17th). As National Coordinator again this year it means making sure all the State Coordinators are finalising all their events and helping them with any last minute preparations. Plus attending the Sydney events during the week itself. Add a public holiday at the beginning of the month, birthdays, meeting up with old friends and a trip away and it makes for a pretty full month. "See" you again next week.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wildlife Encounter

So I was taking some rubbish to the bin the other day, as you do, and when I opened it I got the fright of my life:

"Mr Possum" as we called him must have desperately wanted something in it during the night and then not been able to get out again went to sleep. I shut the lid and checked on him again late in the day where he was still fast asleep. Before the sun went down I opened the lid and left it open so he could get out. He was gone the next day. I know some people find possums a nuisance and they can be noisy (especially when they have running races overhead at night) but they are still so cute.

Have you had any unexpected wildlife encounters?

Monday, 6 September 2010

Woollybutts Auctions

The Woollybutts Auctions mentioned earlier in this post are now underway and will finish by the end of the week. The proceeds from the auctions will go to the Kate Buntine Foundation.This foundation provides financial assistance to families of Type 1 Diabetic juveniles starting on pumps. They fill the gap that private health, the government and Medicare miss; sometimes only $300 .. which for a struggling family .. is huge. Sometimes they purchase the $8000 worth of equipment if a child struggles on needles and has really hard to manage diabetes.

So please head on over and check out some of the gorgeous things on offer. Here is a small sample of well over 30 items:

Friday, 3 September 2010

And the Winner is:

So I had 7 entries in my first ever blog giveaway. I liked all of the comments and couldn't choose so let the random number generator do it for me. Each entry was alloted a number in order of date made. The winner is:

So congratulations finnandkai. I will arrange to have the nappy to you shortly ;)

I'm currently trying to finish off a few knitted sets which I actually started earlier this year. There will be 4 sets for sale and a couple of custom slots also. I will post previews next week.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My First Blog Giveaway

So this is a bit late but I've been busy, what with my baby girl turning 2 and all

Anyway, in celebration of her being 2, and in an effort to clean up all my unfinished WIPs , I am having my first blog giveaway. This is what is on offer:

It is a size Newborn/Small FITTED Nappy. The outer is a red 100% cotton jersey and the nappy has a full body layer of bamboo. The inner is lined with white microfleece and there is a snap in tri-fold booster with a central liner panel. In all there are around 8 layers of absorbent material in the wet zone, plenty for a newborn/small bub. Should fit to around 6 or 7kg depending on the shape of your bub. This was cut out for DD but I never got around to finishing it and clearly she is no longer a baby. Made from my own pattern.

So if you or someone you know want to go in the running to win this nappy, here's how:
1. Make a comment on this post on why you would like to win
2. Wait for me to announce the winner on the 3rd of September
3. If you become a follower of my blog you will get an extra entry.
4. If I really like your answer there may be a little something extra in the offering

Now before anyone asks, no I do not intend on selling nappies on a regular basis (far too labour intensive and time zapping for my liking). However, I will ocassionally make them to include as part of a "set" with a knitted item only or to be included as giveaway items.

Good luck to all and all going well there may be more of these in the future

Friday, 13 August 2010

Its on Again

The Auctions to help raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes that is. This time around I will be donating a boys set: Appliqued T-shirt (Size 0), Itti Bitti Boo Fitted Nappy (Size M), and Knitted Woollen Shorties (Size M). Here is a sneak peak of the set which you will be able to buy in September

I will post about this again in more detail when the listing is up.

Stay tuned also for my first blog giveaway next week ;)

Thursday, 29 July 2010


OK this is a slighty off-topic post so I apologise in advance and promise to resume craft blogging soon. I've just come home from mothers group and one of those shopping trips that ends with upset children and an embarrassed and frazzled Mummy. As we were heading for the exit after grabbing a few groceries my almost 2yo decides to bolt for the door that leads directly onto the road. The millisecond I go to run after her, my 4yo pulls my arm and everything in my hand or hanging on it crashes to the ground, including a drink I was holding. I am momentarily halted before I can go chasing after the mischievous one, catching her a few metres from the door. I then race the 20m or so back with her under my arm to the 4yo and the mess all over the floor. Meanwhile quite a crowd had stopped to watch all of this as I was yelling at my naughty girl to stop repeatedly as I was chasing after her. A really nice older man helped me get everything back together. I thanked him and then hurried out to the car, glad to be going home.

I get home and about to post a comment on facebook, as you do these days, when I started to read this article along with all the comments posted by other readers. Suddenly I don't feel as angry at my kids or embarrassed. Just glad they are both OK and that we are free to live another day.

Monday, 19 July 2010

Items Completed 2009

Since I am removing this list from my side menu I thought I would add it in here so I can still keep the record of what I finished last year.

Bee Eater Longies (M/L)
Bee Eater Shorties (S)
Birthday Pinwheel Beanie
Birthday Swing top
Blossom Vanilla (L)
Blue Choc Vanilla (S)
Busy Bee Soaker Test Knit
Calorimetry x 2
Cherry Ripe Soaker (M)
Cot Bumper
Flower Garden Longies (S/M)
Hello Kitty Knitted Toy
Lavendar Cotton Shrug
Owl Skirt
Cord Overalls
Cord Pants with flowers
PJ Pants (Striped)
Recycled Jeans
Tiered Skirt (Pink)
Tiered Skirt (green)
Baby Block
Lacy Girly Fancy Hat
Mini Blankies (like Taggies)
Mini Boy Hat and Scarf
Mud Princess Juliette
My First Felted Bag
My First Kerchief
Brown Cord Pants
PJ Pants (Thomas)
Notebook Covers x Lots
Oriental Lily
Pinwheel Beanie Test Knit
Rainbow Mahayana Gloves
Riding Hood Sweater
Sewn headbands x 2
Sunset Curly Purly Soaker
Zoes Fat Quarter Skirt

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sewing - Yay!

I've finally managed to get some more time at the sewing machine. Both kids needed new pants desperately. My little fairy has had a growth spurt and needed some new girly pants rather than her brothers hand-me-downs. So I made her a pair of wide-leg denim pants with floral corduroy cuffs (no pics, in the wash).

My little man requested "rocket pants with a comet Mum". So I looked around and whilst there were some OK applique designs I figured I would come up with my own for this. I drafted it on paper first then traced around each of the shapes with baking paper. I also freehand cut a star as the leg with the comet looked a bit "bare". I ended up just cutting my own pants pattern based on one I had used earlier because I didn't quite have enough fabric. He is so skinny and doesn't need as much width anyway so the legs are thinner than normal but I should have adjusted the bum a bit skinnier too. The pants were sewn up and they haven't been taken off for 3 days (though I am going to insist that they go in the wash tonight - but hey, at least he LOVES them).

Note: If you want to copy this for personal use that is fine, but please do not copy to sell.

And then of course I finished off the project bag for my colour swap. Very happy with this one though I wished I'd had some more pink or a matching teal blue fabric to line it with but with sick kids and then myself getting sick I haven't had time to get to SL. The pattern (if you can call a whole heap of scribble on a scrap bit of paper along with a very "rough" diagram a pattern) is very good in terms of the size and functionality. I am loving the one I made myself so I hope my swap recipient likes hers.

So I guess I ended up drafting a few more things than I had anticipated for this months June Sew-a-long Challenge but I am very happy that I did as I enjoyed every second of it and the projects turned out fabulous (well I think so anyway). In fact it has given me a bit of a "drafting" bug and I think I will be trying some leggings for Isla and some PJ pants for myself next. I figure it should be pretty easy to do both.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Swaps and Challenges

I've done quite a few crafty things recently but haven't had time to photograph them all. I've made a rainbow bag for Kindy Sheets (the thicker flannel ones don't fit in the kindy bag like the thin summer ones), some polymer clay buttons (yep, like I needed yet another craft), card making (all gone) and knitting knitting and more knitting.

I have also signed up for a colour swap on Ravelry. Which is actually timely as I've also signed up to this months challenge in the 12 for 12 over here. Originally I was going to make a "fish toy" as requested by Ned, but now I have decided to scrap that idea as I have too many other WIPs. I have decided to make my own knitting project bag. I didn't want a boxy bag with zip as I find zips annoying with knits, and I've been wanting to make one of these for ages but didn't want something so fiddly to make. So I've come up with a compromise:

The drawstrings can be used as handles and there is a clear pocket on the inside for all my other bits and pieces. The size is perfect for me as you can see it fits my current WIP (an almost finished girls size 2 cardigan) plus a 200g ball of wool. I also love the print I used. I was intending to send this to my swap partner BUT, I wasn't completely happy with a few things on this one that weren't perfect so I'll be making another one (or two or three as kids have also each requested one for their toys).

Friday, 21 May 2010

Party Season

Its May and the party season has begun. My little man turned 4 yesterday! I can hardly believe it, it has gone so quick. I have been flat out with birthdays (there are about 15-20, no joke, in the next 2-3 weeks).

I have been completely neglecting the sewing machine (well until today that was when I managed a couple of pairs of pants) and have been focussed on getting a pair of customs (XXL) - see below - finished and a few personal knits for immediate family finished. Once that is done I want to get a couple of new "licenses to knit" so I can make and sell some lovely new knits. I had hoped to start selling some girls headbands soon but I simply have not had the time. Add to that a hectic few weeks and I think it will more than likely be on the backburner until the end of June. By which time I should have quite a few to list.

I have lots planned/that I would like to do and just not enough hours in the day. Combine numerous birthdays, a few illnesses and an almost 2 year old who has decided day sleeps are over-rated and I become fairly limited with craft time. Hence why I tend to knit more than I sew (I can take it with me).

Anyway, just a quick update on my neglected blog.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Catch Up

Just a quick catch up. Things have been pretty hectic around here with me trying to clear some space in the kids bedrooms by getting rid of baby stuff. The rain has meant Mt Washmore is out of control and I'm trying not to stress about it.

In the meantime I have (finally) completed Islas Winnie the Pooh Quilt I was planning to make over a year ago. This is my first large scale quilting project so whilst it isn't perfect and I could have done a bit better with my colour choices (although they match the rest of her bedroom) I am overall rather pleased with it. It is hard to tell from the photos but there is basic quilting around the blocks (stitch in the ditch) along with a few additional lines in the larger blocks. I have sort of free-quilted around the centre panel, outlining the features such as pooh, piglet, the log, flowers, trees etc. I have bought a darning foot to help me with this next time as it was hard without one and I will need it for future quilts (not that I plan to make lots of them).

I also bought fabric for a "spiderman rainbow quilt" for Mr demanding 4yo, and finished off a few rainbow knits for him (can you tell that "rainbow" is his favourite colour?):

Ned dyed the wool for these items himself with my landscapes (and me on hand to do all the important stuff such as mixing the colours for him and generally supervise). He loved it and I was instructed to knit these up as soon as he was finished.

I also finished a handspun pinny using some Woolganics and The Bird and The Fish Handspun for Isla which I just love and can't wait for her to wear.

I have started a Vivian for myself but I think I am being overly ambitious as it takes a lot of concentration for the charts and that's something my children don't allow me much these days so I have only completed 2 rows so far. I think I might have it finished in time for winter in 2011!

I have plans to make more stuff for my shop, both dolls and knitteds and maybe even some other things I have in the works also. I just need to find a few spare minutes to do them!

In the meantime I have set up a facebook fan page (I'm not sure why but I have) here. So please become a fan so I don't look so pathetic....LOL

Friday, 5 March 2010

Juvenile Diabetes Auctions

Woollybutts are running some wonderful Auctions (with the goods largely donated by a fantastic bunch of ladies on Ravelry) to raise funds for Juvenile Diabetes Research. Please head on over to their store and check them out. Included in the auctions is my hot pink chocolate themed comfort pack:


Note: There are more facewashers in the auction than is pictured here.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Woo hoo! And she wins a place on a the podium! I have completed my baby cot/pram granny square blanket for the Ravelympics using scraps, half and full balls of old (mostly spotlight) yarn. Things weren't looking too promising for a while there but I put a lot of time and effort into getting it finished over the past 4 days and I am so proud that I got it done.

Here is the medal winner....


I am also pleased to announce that my crochet has gone from "beyond slower than snails pace" to "reasonable pace". Well, reasonably quick enough for me to complete edgings etc now without them taking a half a life time.

I also want to take time to congratulate the real Aussie Winter Olympics Competitors. Whether or not you win a medal, you are all amazingly talented and make us all proud.

Till next time....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Auction Items Preview

I'm currently putting together a little something for some fundraiser auctions that will be held in March. I will post again about this in detail later but for now here is a sneak peak of my contribution....

BTW, the base theme for my item will be chocolate......mmmm.....chocolate.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Neds Kindy Bag

Last week I made Ned's Kindy bag using the MadebyRae Toddler Backpack pattern, Michael Miller "Bots and Robots" fabric (picked by Ned), Yellow Homespun Cotton, Cotton Canvas, Wool Quilting Batting, Green Piping, Plastic Strap Adjusters and Nylon Webbing (all of which I already had except the strap adjusters). It turned out beautifully and Ned loves it. I just need to add his iron-on Name tag to it and it is finished. Just in time for Preschool to start next week.

Neds Kindy Bag 1

Neds Kindy Bag 2 Neds Kindy Bag 3

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

2010 is here

And I've just come back from a wonderful 3 week holiday to Canada where we went skiing at Whistler Blackcomb. We all had a fabulous time; especially Mr 3.5yo who loved his ski school so much he went skiing every day!

So needless to say I've been doing other things and so no craftiness has yet been undertaken this year. I had planned on some knitting whilst we were away but there was no time for that so I will be starting the shirt I had planned for Isla shortly. However, Ned will be starting preschool in 2 weeks time and he will need a new bag. So following on from another crafty bloggers gorgeous bag, I will be starting Ned's this week. He has picked which fabric he wants so now I just need a few other bits and pieces to get started.

Whilst I plan to keep crafting this year, I don't plan on having any major lists. I'm going to keep it simple and less stressful by just making what is wanted/needed as it is needed with only forward planning for things like presents. I've also decided that I don't want to take the fun out of my craft as it is my most enjoyable past time so I have decided that whilst I may still offer things for sale in my madeit store occasionally, they will mainly be things that I have knit but don't fit my kids, or things that I have to make because I really love them, have the time, but don't necessarily have a need for right now. I'm not going to make things deliberately to stock the store.

Well I am still unpacking so better get back to it.