Tuesday, 27 October 2009

So much to do....so little time

in the mad dash to Christmas that is. I have so many things I want to finish between now and then. I still have Islas "Eco-dress" on the needles, I have the cuffs of another Juliette to finish and I'm currently knitting a few toys (some for charity, some for presents etc.).

I have, however, finally had an FO for the first time in months. I reworked a soaker I knit which I hated the waistband and cuffs on because they didn't perfectly match (they were originally green). So I frogged the contrast and re-knit with BWM Luxury in 8ply (Frost). I also decided to add the skirty part rather than hoard the remaining yarn as I have enough in my stash . Anyway here it is:

I've also finished another pair of baby shoes for my newest niece to go with the blanket and an outfit in the last post:

I just need to recover my BF pillow which I'm giving to someone else and then make a hole heap more Xmas presents, toys etc though I have a feeling I may end up needing to just buy a whole heap this year as I have a lot to do and there is less than 10 weeks to go....eeeeek

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