Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More sewing...yippee

I have my sewing mojo back at the moment...hooray! Since I've moved furniture etc around in our place I can now set the kids up with toys, TV and get some sewing done whilst being able to watch them all the time. It isn't uninterrupted but it's better than before.

I've sewn Ned some more cord pants, but since he's worn them already and they're pretty boring to look at I have no photos. I did, however, finish some overalls for Isla today and they look fab (if I do say so myself). I used snaps instead of buttons as I hate fiddling with buttons but since she is sleeping I need to wait for her to wake up so I can see if I need to add another socket to the straps (ETA: she did and they've been added). Here they are (colours aren't quite right, flowers are pale pink and lilac, studs are also lilac to match and they are even they just aren't sitting perfectly flat):

I also went and bought a whole heap of quilting fabrics today. Isla has a musical play mat in her room and I want to make some cot bumpers and a cot quilt to match since she hits the bars and wakes herself up. Here's the playmat and here are the fabrics I bought today:

I also bought a cot panel with winnie the pooh and piglet on it for the cot quilt off ebay. I think it will look really good when finished and tie the room together. Not to mention stop the cot from looking messy all the time like it does now.

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