Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Finally...some sewing

We have just been driving around the Kimberley for a holiday so you would think I haven't had time for much sewing lately. On one hand you wold be right but on another I NEEDED to sew some nappies for Isla before we left and then I wanted to make some clothes when we got back. With two kiddies to look after I am a bit short on time these days but I did manage to finally make a few pants lately.

I recycled some old jeans of mine to make Isla a new pair and they turned out great. I love them so if anyone has some old jeans they want to part with I'll gladly take them! I also made a couple of pairs of PJ pants for both kids this morning. I was only planning on making Isla some but Ned insisted he wanted his made so he could wear them right now. Here is my cheeky monkey (now 3, *sob*):

I have been doing a fair bit of knitting lately. I knitted a present (which I can't show pics of yet), and a couple of calorimetries for myself. Here's my fave:

I still have another one in black I want to make. I am currently knitting a pair of gloves to match the calorimetry above (one down, one to go) and will post a pic next time. I am also knitting a jumper for Ned but since starting I have realised he doesn't really need one...oh well. I have also started a new jumper for Isla but I need to go to spotlight to grab a matching yarn for a garter band under the bodice. I then want to knit Isla some more longies. At the moment she has two pairs, one I knit earlier and an old pair of Neds which are still going strong. As you can see, my knitting obsession hasn't died down.

I also dyed some silk merino for a friends Bday present yesterday. It is currently drying so will take pics when it is reskeined/balled. It is destined to be a Magic Yarn Ball.

Anyway, that's enough, think I better have some lunch before Isla wakes up and whilst Ned is eating his...

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