Tuesday, 23 June 2009

More sewing...yippee

I have my sewing mojo back at the moment...hooray! Since I've moved furniture etc around in our place I can now set the kids up with toys, TV and get some sewing done whilst being able to watch them all the time. It isn't uninterrupted but it's better than before.

I've sewn Ned some more cord pants, but since he's worn them already and they're pretty boring to look at I have no photos. I did, however, finish some overalls for Isla today and they look fab (if I do say so myself). I used snaps instead of buttons as I hate fiddling with buttons but since she is sleeping I need to wait for her to wake up so I can see if I need to add another socket to the straps (ETA: she did and they've been added). Here they are (colours aren't quite right, flowers are pale pink and lilac, studs are also lilac to match and they are even they just aren't sitting perfectly flat):

I also went and bought a whole heap of quilting fabrics today. Isla has a musical play mat in her room and I want to make some cot bumpers and a cot quilt to match since she hits the bars and wakes herself up. Here's the playmat and here are the fabrics I bought today:

I also bought a cot panel with winnie the pooh and piglet on it for the cot quilt off ebay. I think it will look really good when finished and tie the room together. Not to mention stop the cot from looking messy all the time like it does now.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A few things

I've finished lately:

An Oriental Lily for Isla (I call it Oriental Isla):


I am currently knitting a head scarf in plain garter stitch (a bit boring) but I need it finished before Thursday (head surgery).

I have also got a pic of a pair of corduroy pants I made Isla last week (sorry pic not great as she wasn't lying still for me, she wanted to get up and crawl everywhere):


I am going to try ad finish a pair of overalls for her next an another pair of pants for Ned before I start making some other items for sale. I don'tplan on making a heap of money, I just want to use up some of the monstrous pile of fabric and yarn I seem to have accumulated....oops.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

See my gloves..

see my gloves, see my gloves.....

They match my calorimetry and I loves them I do. Lots of knitting happening here atm. I am knitting Isla a gorgeous Oriental Lily Jumper/Dress, Ned a jumper (it's hibernating at the moment though), and lots of headscarves/headbands for myself so I can wear them after I have some minor head surgery next week.

I am also about to sew up a couple more pairs of pants (one for each child). Then I am going to start to make some items for my new Madeit Store. Lets hope the kidlets allow me some time to do so (I'm thinking mostly knitteds to begin with).

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Finally...some sewing

We have just been driving around the Kimberley for a holiday so you would think I haven't had time for much sewing lately. On one hand you wold be right but on another I NEEDED to sew some nappies for Isla before we left and then I wanted to make some clothes when we got back. With two kiddies to look after I am a bit short on time these days but I did manage to finally make a few pants lately.

I recycled some old jeans of mine to make Isla a new pair and they turned out great. I love them so if anyone has some old jeans they want to part with I'll gladly take them! I also made a couple of pairs of PJ pants for both kids this morning. I was only planning on making Isla some but Ned insisted he wanted his made so he could wear them right now. Here is my cheeky monkey (now 3, *sob*):

I have been doing a fair bit of knitting lately. I knitted a present (which I can't show pics of yet), and a couple of calorimetries for myself. Here's my fave:

I still have another one in black I want to make. I am currently knitting a pair of gloves to match the calorimetry above (one down, one to go) and will post a pic next time. I am also knitting a jumper for Ned but since starting I have realised he doesn't really need one...oh well. I have also started a new jumper for Isla but I need to go to spotlight to grab a matching yarn for a garter band under the bodice. I then want to knit Isla some more longies. At the moment she has two pairs, one I knit earlier and an old pair of Neds which are still going strong. As you can see, my knitting obsession hasn't died down.

I also dyed some silk merino for a friends Bday present yesterday. It is currently drying so will take pics when it is reskeined/balled. It is destined to be a Magic Yarn Ball.

Anyway, that's enough, think I better have some lunch before Isla wakes up and whilst Ned is eating his...