Thursday, 19 March 2009

Knitting Beserko

So I have been knitting lots and not sewing much these days. Here is the ridinghood sweater I finished for Isla recently:

I dyed the yarn (8ply merino from the knittery) with landscapes and knitted it up in 12-24 month size so she will get a long wear out of it. I LOVE IT!

I finally finished the bag I was knitting and felted it twice to get the size I wanted. I'm not particularly happy with the flap but its OK. I still need to line it but here is the outside:

So I went in a Magic Ball Swap with the girls on the Aussie MCN Knitters group on Rav. I had a ball (haha) making my swapees gift. The yarn was 8ply BFL in Mont Martre colourway from the Yarn Cafe. Here is a pic of everything before and after it was wound into a ball (notice the hairclip):

I have also developed another craft skill to add to my ever ending addictions, girls hair clips. Lucky I now have a girl who can use them.....eventually :)

And here is mine that arrived this morning. I can't wait to knit everything out:

I must get back to sewing though. I need to make some things for my nieces/nephews due at the end of the year!

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