Thursday, 6 November 2008

DIY Nappies

I have set up a new blog which is all about making your own nappies. There are a few US sites of similar content but none that were specific to Australia and Australian suppliers so I decided to set one up. Plus it means that people I've shown how to make the nappies aren't completely in the dark when they try to do it on their own the first couple of times. Luckily I was making up a few nappies at the time so I have now finished my first tutorial (which I will upload after I finish here).

Here is the snap nappy I made for the tutorial:

I have also been (very slowly between other projects) finishing off a knitted dress for Isla. This is the finished dress:
I am currently knitting some matching booties (I have finished one and onto the other). I have also been doing some dyeing, after an 18 month break from it. I am loving landscape dyes. Check out my two latest creations as they were drying (Ned tangled the first one, the one on the left):

I can't wait to start knitting them up. They turned out beautifully bright. Better go....lots of craft to be done.

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