Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Craft Addict

OK, I think I am officially a craft addict. Someone needs to stop me....seriously!! At the moment I am working on the following:

* Xmas stocking for Isla (almost done)
* Knitted Vest (Xmas present) and Saartjees Booties (just awaiting buttons)
* Need to knit a matching hat for the vest.
* Am contemplating dyeing some more wool, even though I haven't started my last dye-ups yet...which leads to
* I want to knit up a pair of longies/capris for DD with the 8ply I dyed
* I need to make a KNR for a xmas present
* I have just ordered a whole heap of scrapbooking stuff (some of which is to be used for pressies)
* I want to make some stuff to sell online (blankies, knitting needle rolls)

And...I'm sure I'll just keep adding to the list. It is scary.....

1 comment:

  1. ha aha a h, actually i have no idea if it's a girl or boy. i just made nappies i liked! (to be fair DH did help pick the fabrics when in spotlight, so they're not ALL me) i just have a seriously bad fabric addiction.
    many thanks to your gusset tutorial, worked a treat!
    and your crafting 'to do' list is as long as mine, i'm hoping they're not all due before xmas?