Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Christmas Rush

Is underway. From the list on previous post (updated):

* Xmas stocking for Isla - Finished
* Knitted Vest (Xmas present) and Saartjees Booties for Isla - Finished
* Need to knit a matching hat for the vest - Finished
* Have started a CP Soaker for Xmas present - Finished
* Fleece cover for present - Finished
* Night nappy for Xmas present - Finished x 2
* I need to make a KNR for a xmas present
* Scrapbooking stuff has arrived and plan to use some for door lettering/wall hanging for presents - Might leave this if not enough time.
* Christmas Cards
* I want to make some stuff to sell online (blankies, knitting needle rolls) - Not sure if I will have time but will leave on list anyway.

Non-Xmas stuff to do whenever:
* I want to knit up a pair of longies/capris for DD with the 8ply I dyed
* Finish waterproof matress covers/change mats
* Make up 4 small nappies that have been cut out (night nappies?)
* Make a new skirt for myself
* Make a dress or two for Isla
* Make a second rocker cover

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