Friday, 25 July 2008

Last Minute Nappies

I decided that since bubs is staying put a bit longer to make a few more newborn AIOs with gussetts for when I venture out. I didn't want to buy more fabric (since I have too much already) so I went through what I had and used what I could find. I am still waiting on some bamboo fleece so the absorbent material in these are one full body layer of cotton terry with a sewn-in booster attached to that of 2 layers microfibre, one layer bamboo terry, one layer cotton terry. They have a hidden PUL layer with fleece/microchenille (the pink one) outer and microfleece inner. I adapted the velcro version of my pattern for snaps so that it is a bit neater on the inside of the nappy. I relaly like them so hope they work OK. These took aaaaaages to make because Ned kept harassing me (doesn't like me doing things for the baby) and I made one and a half per day:
I have been obsessed with baby carriers te past few days. I've decided to make my own wrap carrier (to begin with) and then maybe a mei tei when bub is a bit older and can hold her own head up. I'd love to go to spotlight and get more fabric but I am holding off until she comes. But if I am still around on Monday I will probably venture up there anyway (Ned loves driving the little cars that they have at the supa centre around).

Anyway, back to knitting my cardi...


  1. i'm loving these elastic style gussets! any chance you could add a tutorial, or maybe some inner workings pics?
    thanks so much!

  2. Hi, I have actually started a new blog specifically for that purpose. You can check it out at