Saturday, 5 July 2008

Baby Stuff

I have just finished sewing all the baby stuff except for some trifolds and wipes but I plan to do those this week. I made up some cot blankets and fleece wraps, along with an all-in-one bodysuit, nappy cover (fleece) and an AIO with internal gussetts.

The nappy cover was a trial of a tutorial from an online forum for doing internal gussetts. It was good because firstly, I need more covers, secondly I wanted to try out the tutorial before attempting a nappy with good materials, and thirdly it allowed me to see how much work would be involved. This is the result using left over material from a fleece wrap:

What I discovered from making this cover was:

  • the tutorial which was written for a pocket nappy needed adjusting slightly for my cover and AIO patterns (as there is no pocket). I couldn't sew up the front end and leave the back end open, for example, as it made it difficult to enclose the back elastic and thread the casing through the legs effectively.

  • That even though it was fiddly, it was less so than doing the half moon gussetts that I had been doing

  • It gives a much trimmer and neater look overall.

So then I made an AIO using the information I had gained from making the above cover and some left over material from the fleece wraps. I put a full body layer of terry (I'm short on bamboo at the moment but I should have some soon), with a booster of 2 layers bamboo and one and a half of microfibre. I figure this should be plenty absorbent for a newborn. I made it with my AIO pattern slightly adjusted (wider to accomodate internal gussett) and stuck with touchtape for the time being to see if it worked. I need to adjust the arms of the pattern for snaps and then I will attempt a snaps version as well. I love the overall result and this was easier to make than the cover and my previous gussetted nappies:

So I will try them out on the bub once she arrives before I make any more due simply to the amount of time involved in making the internal gussetts and the fact that she will have plenty of nappies when she comes home from hospital. It is good to have a "nice" nappy for going out though :)

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