Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Nappies, Knitting and other stuff

Here are the photos I promised of the Large AIOs with snaps that I made for Ned. I love them all but I especially like the striped one and the blue dot minky. I have also included pics of the inside of the dot minky (so you can see what they typically look like) and an action shot. Ned wasn't being very cooperative and kept patting it etc so I couldn't get a good one and this was the best of the ones I did get.

I have also finished the cardigan and matching bonnet using the wool I bought recently from Monsoon Designs. I still have plenty of this wool left over for a pair of longies for her as well but I am going to make them for next winter since I don't want her pooing all over the nice wool! I really like how this turned out but I think the jumper could have been done a bit better (my own fault). However, I absolutely adore the bonnet and because it was so quick to knit up I'm going to do some more of them for both her and a modified version for Ned. Here's a pic:

I also decided that since Ned kept running of with my knitting needles, broke some, and I could never find anything in my "knitting bag" that I would create a knitting needle organiser. I love how it turned out and have identified where I could improve it etc. so I have decided to make a few more and see if I can sell them. Here's a few pics of it

So, I have been busy and will be for a while as I am about to start sewing stuff for bub (rompers, blankets, breast pads for myself etc). So I guess I wil have more to show soon!!!

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