Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sewing Galore

I've started sewing lots the last few weeks (as I mentioned I was making pants for Ned). Well I got my snap press a couple of weeks ago and after having it sitting there intimidating me I decided to give it a go. Ned needs night nappies so I decided to make a new one with snaps. I didn't hav any troubles with the snap press whatsoever; I certainly didn't have any of the problems of broken, wonky or just disastrous snaps that I had imagined. So here is the finished product:
I am really happy with it. I've tested all the snaps and they all work (Yay). That's better than some of the nappies I have bought in the past :)

I also decided that Neds old rocker, which will be my newest bubbas, needed a new cover (polar fleece) and voila:

I loves it!!! I am going to make another one in cotton for summer so she isn't too hot, plus it gives me a spare.
Anyway, better dash, time for dinner...