Friday, 4 April 2008

Hmm, not so crafty

Well I haven't been all that crafty since my last post, mainly due to morning sickness and and active toddler. But I am back into my craft now that MS has settled down and I've figured out how to keep Ned entertained for an hour or two while I "create".
The past couple of days I decided it was time Ned needed some new nappies since he has outgrown most of his others and I'd rather reach for AIOs than fitteds. So I had a look through my fabric stash to see what was in there. Lo and behold a "Bob the builder" Iron on applique and some Camo print PUL. Along with some matching fleeces, bamboo, microfibre, etc. I whipped these up:

I am rather proud of them, particularly the "Bob" one as Ned loves it (his new favourite). Whilst I was going through my fabric I found a few other fleeces I can use to make some more AIOs. They won't look as nice as these but they'll look better than boring old plain sage AIOs (of which I might make one anyway).
I still haven't finished Ned's longies I started last year (oops). Must get onto that...will post a pic when I'm done.

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