Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I've Been Busy

I've finally managed to finish a few things and thought I'd take the time to show you some of them. The first is the pair of longies I've been talking about for months - finally finished and here they are:

The second is a pair of fleece pants I've made for Ned. These will be kept for around the house only as they look like PJs. In fact I might use them for that purpose. Ned loves them. I have made another pair in Navy Blue Cotton/Polyester which are a lot nicer for wearing around (no pic - in the wash atm).

The following is a pull on fleece soaker which I made following Katrinas Quick Sew Diaper Pattern. I've sewn an extra layer into the wet zone for added protection from leaks. It's an XXL which I based on Neds thigh measurement but it has ended up waaaaay too big. Otherwise though I am really happy with how easy it was to make and the final result looks really good so I am going to make another in a Large tomorrow and see how that fits. Once I find the size that works I will make a stack of them as I need more night covers.

I've also been making some Security blankies with tags (i.e. taggy/taggie blankets). They are so easy to make and look great. I've given some to friends as baby shower gifts and they loved them. I've made one for Ned (who always plays with it) and another for bubba. The following is a picture of Neds (bubbas is upstairs in a cupboard and I can't be bothered getting it). They have one side minky and the other side is usually fleece but I've used flannel on Neds because it was a prototype (I like fleece better). His is the only one I haven't added a link/ring for connecting to a pram etc. yet because I doubt it will be coming out with us:

I've also been scrapbooking but that's another post. Anyway, that is a mammoth post so I will be leaving to do other stuff now...

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Long pants

I made Ned a pair of fleece pants yesterday (trying out a new pattern I bought). I used the same blue fleece as in his "Bob" nappy. They turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself, but I think they will be more suitable for wearing around at home; they look like PJs. Ned liked them so much that he refused to take them off when I tried them on him. He only had undies on and then promptly wet himself so I have no photo. I might try and get one up once I finish the longies I've been working on forever (just have the waistband to go).

Friday, 4 April 2008

Hmm, not so crafty

Well I haven't been all that crafty since my last post, mainly due to morning sickness and and active toddler. But I am back into my craft now that MS has settled down and I've figured out how to keep Ned entertained for an hour or two while I "create".
The past couple of days I decided it was time Ned needed some new nappies since he has outgrown most of his others and I'd rather reach for AIOs than fitteds. So I had a look through my fabric stash to see what was in there. Lo and behold a "Bob the builder" Iron on applique and some Camo print PUL. Along with some matching fleeces, bamboo, microfibre, etc. I whipped these up:

I am rather proud of them, particularly the "Bob" one as Ned loves it (his new favourite). Whilst I was going through my fabric I found a few other fleeces I can use to make some more AIOs. They won't look as nice as these but they'll look better than boring old plain sage AIOs (of which I might make one anyway).
I still haven't finished Ned's longies I started last year (oops). Must get onto that...will post a pic when I'm done.