Thursday, 27 November 2008

Isla's stocking

Here is Isla's Christmas stocking:

I love how it has turned out. I used Ned's as a template for this one but changed the top because it was a bit fiddly to make (his is curved and was a PITA to do with the added panel for the name).  I accidentally cut out the panels the same way so had to buy more material. Now I have an extra one cut out. I will either give it away or sell it online (without the name panel and possibly without the padding).

Anyway just wanted to post one of the things I've finished lately. I'll post pics of the others after Xmas 

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Christmas Rush

Is underway. From the list on previous post (updated):

* Xmas stocking for Isla - Finished
* Knitted Vest (Xmas present) and Saartjees Booties for Isla - Finished
* Need to knit a matching hat for the vest - Finished
* Have started a CP Soaker for Xmas present - Finished
* Fleece cover for present - Finished
* Night nappy for Xmas present - Finished x 2
* I need to make a KNR for a xmas present
* Scrapbooking stuff has arrived and plan to use some for door lettering/wall hanging for presents - Might leave this if not enough time.
* Christmas Cards
* I want to make some stuff to sell online (blankies, knitting needle rolls) - Not sure if I will have time but will leave on list anyway.

Non-Xmas stuff to do whenever:
* I want to knit up a pair of longies/capris for DD with the 8ply I dyed
* Finish waterproof matress covers/change mats
* Make up 4 small nappies that have been cut out (night nappies?)
* Make a new skirt for myself
* Make a dress or two for Isla
* Make a second rocker cover

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Craft Addict

OK, I think I am officially a craft addict. Someone needs to stop me....seriously!! At the moment I am working on the following:

* Xmas stocking for Isla (almost done)
* Knitted Vest (Xmas present) and Saartjees Booties (just awaiting buttons)
* Need to knit a matching hat for the vest.
* Am contemplating dyeing some more wool, even though I haven't started my last dye-ups yet...which leads to
* I want to knit up a pair of longies/capris for DD with the 8ply I dyed
* I need to make a KNR for a xmas present
* I have just ordered a whole heap of scrapbooking stuff (some of which is to be used for pressies)
* I want to make some stuff to sell online (blankies, knitting needle rolls)

And...I'm sure I'll just keep adding to the list. It is scary.....

Thursday, 6 November 2008

DIY Nappies

I have set up a new blog which is all about making your own nappies. There are a few US sites of similar content but none that were specific to Australia and Australian suppliers so I decided to set one up. Plus it means that people I've shown how to make the nappies aren't completely in the dark when they try to do it on their own the first couple of times. Luckily I was making up a few nappies at the time so I have now finished my first tutorial (which I will upload after I finish here).

Here is the snap nappy I made for the tutorial:

I have also been (very slowly between other projects) finishing off a knitted dress for Isla. This is the finished dress:
I am currently knitting some matching booties (I have finished one and onto the other). I have also been doing some dyeing, after an 18 month break from it. I am loving landscape dyes. Check out my two latest creations as they were drying (Ned tangled the first one, the one on the left):

I can't wait to start knitting them up. They turned out beautifully bright. Better go....lots of craft to be done.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My First SSC

Hooray. By working in 5-10 min increments between toddler and newborn I have finally finished my first Soft Structured Carrier! Here is a pic:

I love it! It is so comfy. I had Ned on my back for half an hour or so yesterday and he didn't feel heavy at all! He was a great tester (I was a bit worried how the sewing would hold up but it has done well). I need to try Isla in it but I think she may be a bit small for it yet, but at least I know it works and I have another option for Ned in the meantime. I am even thinking about making another one as I have heaps of material and Matt tried this one out yesterday and he thought it was good (just not very manly with the butterflies :). So I would make a more unisex one or one with an interchangeable panel. Anyway, it is lovely.

I am making a new "bed" (a covered matress) for Ned next so I will post some pics of that when I have finished.

I had made my nephew a scrapbooked letter for his bedroom door for his baptism but I forgot to take pics (oops) but I was very pleased withhow it turned out! I have also been doing a bit of knitting (check out ravelry).
Must dash...

Friday, 26 September 2008

Neices Baptism pressie

Well I hadn't bought my neice a present for her baptism this weekend so I whipped up a little something:

Three burp cloths made from quilters cotton and bamboo towelling, two bibs made from the same, one of which also has minky (and snaps to make a scoop) to match the AIO minky nappy with applique. The AIO also has internal gussetts and is gorgeous. I am going to have trouble saying goodbye to this lot!

I have been trialling the nappies I made for Isla and they work beautifully. I will have to make another minky AIO like that abovefor her using other minky I have here, if I can get my other projects (pics to come next week...I hope) finished!

Also, I got a new overlocker and I LOVE it. So much better than my crappy old singer which is now gone. YAY!

Monday, 1 September 2008


Well my little princess finally arrived (see here). But before she was born I managed to make a cotton jersey wrap which I am loving:

I have a some more woven cotton fabric I plan to make another one out of for summer but my overlocker just died whilst making some wipes so I need to get a new one. I was also planning on making anouther pouch because I've been using my current one fir the shops because it is so easy but I think I will keep the fabric for something else (or make the wrap and give it away/sell it). Currently finishing off some knitting and waiting for my new overlocker.....

Friday, 25 July 2008

Last Minute Nappies

I decided that since bubs is staying put a bit longer to make a few more newborn AIOs with gussetts for when I venture out. I didn't want to buy more fabric (since I have too much already) so I went through what I had and used what I could find. I am still waiting on some bamboo fleece so the absorbent material in these are one full body layer of cotton terry with a sewn-in booster attached to that of 2 layers microfibre, one layer bamboo terry, one layer cotton terry. They have a hidden PUL layer with fleece/microchenille (the pink one) outer and microfleece inner. I adapted the velcro version of my pattern for snaps so that it is a bit neater on the inside of the nappy. I relaly like them so hope they work OK. These took aaaaaages to make because Ned kept harassing me (doesn't like me doing things for the baby) and I made one and a half per day:
I have been obsessed with baby carriers te past few days. I've decided to make my own wrap carrier (to begin with) and then maybe a mei tei when bub is a bit older and can hold her own head up. I'd love to go to spotlight and get more fabric but I am holding off until she comes. But if I am still around on Monday I will probably venture up there anyway (Ned loves driving the little cars that they have at the supa centre around).

Anyway, back to knitting my cardi...

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


I have retired from sewing (for now) and am concentrating on my knitting. I do want to make a few more outfits for my little one and some more nappies but I want to wait until she is born first (plus I am nesting and the house is tidy at the moment).
I have just finished a cardigan and matching bonnet for my bub to be born soon and am happy with the finished project, although I do find the sizings with the drops patterns tend to run a bit big for my bubs/kids. I knitted the newborn size but I think it will be more like a 3-6 months size. Not to worry, I will use it more like a dress until then and fold the sleeves up :)

I am currently working on a long cardigan for myself and a scarf to match a headband I already knit. I figure these are things I can also work on in hospital (if I have some time free). You can see more info on my ravelry profile (arik).
Off to post elsewhere...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Baby Stuff

I have just finished sewing all the baby stuff except for some trifolds and wipes but I plan to do those this week. I made up some cot blankets and fleece wraps, along with an all-in-one bodysuit, nappy cover (fleece) and an AIO with internal gussetts.

The nappy cover was a trial of a tutorial from an online forum for doing internal gussetts. It was good because firstly, I need more covers, secondly I wanted to try out the tutorial before attempting a nappy with good materials, and thirdly it allowed me to see how much work would be involved. This is the result using left over material from a fleece wrap:

What I discovered from making this cover was:

  • the tutorial which was written for a pocket nappy needed adjusting slightly for my cover and AIO patterns (as there is no pocket). I couldn't sew up the front end and leave the back end open, for example, as it made it difficult to enclose the back elastic and thread the casing through the legs effectively.

  • That even though it was fiddly, it was less so than doing the half moon gussetts that I had been doing

  • It gives a much trimmer and neater look overall.

So then I made an AIO using the information I had gained from making the above cover and some left over material from the fleece wraps. I put a full body layer of terry (I'm short on bamboo at the moment but I should have some soon), with a booster of 2 layers bamboo and one and a half of microfibre. I figure this should be plenty absorbent for a newborn. I made it with my AIO pattern slightly adjusted (wider to accomodate internal gussett) and stuck with touchtape for the time being to see if it worked. I need to adjust the arms of the pattern for snaps and then I will attempt a snaps version as well. I love the overall result and this was easier to make than the cover and my previous gussetted nappies:

So I will try them out on the bub once she arrives before I make any more due simply to the amount of time involved in making the internal gussetts and the fact that she will have plenty of nappies when she comes home from hospital. It is good to have a "nice" nappy for going out though :)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Nappies, Knitting and other stuff

Here are the photos I promised of the Large AIOs with snaps that I made for Ned. I love them all but I especially like the striped one and the blue dot minky. I have also included pics of the inside of the dot minky (so you can see what they typically look like) and an action shot. Ned wasn't being very cooperative and kept patting it etc so I couldn't get a good one and this was the best of the ones I did get.

I have also finished the cardigan and matching bonnet using the wool I bought recently from Monsoon Designs. I still have plenty of this wool left over for a pair of longies for her as well but I am going to make them for next winter since I don't want her pooing all over the nice wool! I really like how this turned out but I think the jumper could have been done a bit better (my own fault). However, I absolutely adore the bonnet and because it was so quick to knit up I'm going to do some more of them for both her and a modified version for Ned. Here's a pic:

I also decided that since Ned kept running of with my knitting needles, broke some, and I could never find anything in my "knitting bag" that I would create a knitting needle organiser. I love how it turned out and have identified where I could improve it etc. so I have decided to make a few more and see if I can sell them. Here's a few pics of it

So, I have been busy and will be for a while as I am about to start sewing stuff for bub (rompers, blankets, breast pads for myself etc). So I guess I wil have more to show soon!!!

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Busy Busy Busy

OK, so you may have noticed the new link in my sidebar! I've just discovered ravelry and I think its fab. I'm always losing track of which knitting projects I am working on/want to work on etc. and now I have a much easier way to do it. Plus I can search for patterns etc and look at what others are up to. Plus people can see what I am doing as well (including some of the things I have written about here). Anyway, enough about that...

I have recently completed a pair of newborn longies for bubba. I was trying out a new pattern so just used some boyish wool I had in my stash and decided to try embroidery for the first time. I think it turned out pretty well (pics don't do them justice as you can't see the greens in the pants very well):

I have also started a new jumper for this bubba (the second thing I have made for her) and here is a progress pic:

I've also been sewing up a storm. Ned needed a new pillow for the lounge room as he and his Daddy were fighting over the big cushion Free Smiley Face Courtesy of so I decided to make one the same size (60x60cm)but with a Lightning McQueen cover (Disney Cars is Neds favourite movie) so here it is:

I'm really happy with how it turned out, Ned loves it and there's no more arguing. I also got a snap press for my birthday (YAY) and I have ben using it to make some more nappies for Ned as he has outgrown a lot of his now. The ones I have made have turned out great but are in the wash so I will post pics later when they are clean. I Free Smiley Face Courtesy of my new snap press and my next task is to make some all in one bodysuits for bubba so she has some unique ones (aka not pink). Well that's a mammoth post so I think I will leave it there.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Sewing Galore

I've started sewing lots the last few weeks (as I mentioned I was making pants for Ned). Well I got my snap press a couple of weeks ago and after having it sitting there intimidating me I decided to give it a go. Ned needs night nappies so I decided to make a new one with snaps. I didn't hav any troubles with the snap press whatsoever; I certainly didn't have any of the problems of broken, wonky or just disastrous snaps that I had imagined. So here is the finished product:
I am really happy with it. I've tested all the snaps and they all work (Yay). That's better than some of the nappies I have bought in the past :)

I also decided that Neds old rocker, which will be my newest bubbas, needed a new cover (polar fleece) and voila:

I loves it!!! I am going to make another one in cotton for summer so she isn't too hot, plus it gives me a spare.
Anyway, better dash, time for dinner...

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I've Been Busy

I've finally managed to finish a few things and thought I'd take the time to show you some of them. The first is the pair of longies I've been talking about for months - finally finished and here they are:

The second is a pair of fleece pants I've made for Ned. These will be kept for around the house only as they look like PJs. In fact I might use them for that purpose. Ned loves them. I have made another pair in Navy Blue Cotton/Polyester which are a lot nicer for wearing around (no pic - in the wash atm).

The following is a pull on fleece soaker which I made following Katrinas Quick Sew Diaper Pattern. I've sewn an extra layer into the wet zone for added protection from leaks. It's an XXL which I based on Neds thigh measurement but it has ended up waaaaay too big. Otherwise though I am really happy with how easy it was to make and the final result looks really good so I am going to make another in a Large tomorrow and see how that fits. Once I find the size that works I will make a stack of them as I need more night covers.

I've also been making some Security blankies with tags (i.e. taggy/taggie blankets). They are so easy to make and look great. I've given some to friends as baby shower gifts and they loved them. I've made one for Ned (who always plays with it) and another for bubba. The following is a picture of Neds (bubbas is upstairs in a cupboard and I can't be bothered getting it). They have one side minky and the other side is usually fleece but I've used flannel on Neds because it was a prototype (I like fleece better). His is the only one I haven't added a link/ring for connecting to a pram etc. yet because I doubt it will be coming out with us:

I've also been scrapbooking but that's another post. Anyway, that is a mammoth post so I will be leaving to do other stuff now...

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Long pants

I made Ned a pair of fleece pants yesterday (trying out a new pattern I bought). I used the same blue fleece as in his "Bob" nappy. They turned out pretty good, even if I say so myself, but I think they will be more suitable for wearing around at home; they look like PJs. Ned liked them so much that he refused to take them off when I tried them on him. He only had undies on and then promptly wet himself so I have no photo. I might try and get one up once I finish the longies I've been working on forever (just have the waistband to go).

Friday, 4 April 2008

Hmm, not so crafty

Well I haven't been all that crafty since my last post, mainly due to morning sickness and and active toddler. But I am back into my craft now that MS has settled down and I've figured out how to keep Ned entertained for an hour or two while I "create".
The past couple of days I decided it was time Ned needed some new nappies since he has outgrown most of his others and I'd rather reach for AIOs than fitteds. So I had a look through my fabric stash to see what was in there. Lo and behold a "Bob the builder" Iron on applique and some Camo print PUL. Along with some matching fleeces, bamboo, microfibre, etc. I whipped these up:

I am rather proud of them, particularly the "Bob" one as Ned loves it (his new favourite). Whilst I was going through my fabric I found a few other fleeces I can use to make some more AIOs. They won't look as nice as these but they'll look better than boring old plain sage AIOs (of which I might make one anyway).
I still haven't finished Ned's longies I started last year (oops). Must get onto that...will post a pic when I'm done.

Friday, 18 January 2008

Sewing Gussetts without FOE

The following is a list of instructions on how I sew gussetts into the nappies I make without using fold-over elastic (FOE). The nappies are turned and topstitched.

1. Cut out pattern pieces, slightly larger for the gussetts. I usually have 2 or 3 gussett layers; Inner fleece/suedecloth, PUL, outer fleece. If I have outer fleece as well as PUL I simply treat the PUL and outer fleece as a single layer. In this one I have inner yellow microfleece and outer blue patterned polar fleece.

2. Place the inner and outer layers right sides together and pin along the straight edge.

3. Sew along the straight edge.

4. Turn the pieces right sides out and pin around the curved edge.
5. Sew another straight line, slightly wider than the elastic, in from the straight edge to form an elastic casing (both ends should be open).

6. Cut the elastic for the gussett to the desired length. Using a pin, thread the elastic into the casing.

7. Sew the first edge of the elastic (edge without the pin) into place by going forward and backward over the edge until it is secure. This also closes the first casing opening. Continue sewing all the way around the curved edge of the gussett and stop just before you get to the other end of the elastic. (Note: I do it this way so that later on when I am sewing it into the nappy the pieces aren't moving around).

8. Pull the pin holding the elastic through the remaining casing opening until the edge of the elastic is in line with the edge of the casing.

9. Sew the second edge of the elastic in place by going forward and backward over the edge until it is secure. This also closes the second casing opening. The gussett is now finished.

To sew the gussett in place on the nappy can be fiddly and unfortunately I haven't taken a full set of photos of this yet so if you have trouble please let me know by leaving me a comment. What I usually do is sew the gussett to one nappy piece first (usually the inside of the nappy):
1. Make sure that on the nappy pieces you have marked the beginning and end of the leg elastic as well as the centre. On the gussett, mark the centre of the gussett. This ensures that all the pieces match up correctly.
2. Place the gusett on the nappy piece with the sides matching (i.e. if sewing to the inside, place inner side of gussett down onto the inner side of the nappy - right sides together). Pin the gussett in place starting from where the leg elastic begins and finishing where the leg elastic should end (look at your markings). This should cause the leg area to gather.

2. Sew the gussett onto the piece. It should look like this:

3. To finish the nappy; when you are sewing your nappy pieces right sides together before turning, make sure you pin and sew carefully around the leg gussett (refer to your markings). Otherwise, you simply sew together as usual.
I hope this information helps. I may update this post if/when I take more pictures etc...