Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Stay At Home Mum - Posted 09/09/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: I entered some pics in the ANN but they didn't get picked. Oh well, I know he is gorgeous.

Since I posted here. But I have quit my job and am now a stay at home mum - Whoo hoo! We are both much happier.

I have also started to sew Neds nappies myself - an amazing feat for a non-sewer. Since he has become a super dooper wee-er, particularly overnight, I decided I could make nappies myself at a cheaper cost than buying the specific night nappies; although if I calculated it properly I am probably not saving a huge amount due to the amount of bamboo I am packing into them :) but I am learning a new skill and enjoying myself so it's all good. Teamed with a wool cover we are making it all night now - YAY!!!

So here is a picture of my current favourite (a recent effort) although I've since discovered that it is much easier and better looking to do square tabs than rounded ones so all the newest ones have square tabs:

Anyway I better go but thought I'd update the blog. I plan on taking photos of Ned for the ANN calendar but I need to make his nappy first (a foray into all-in-ones).

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