Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Soakers - Posted 20/03/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: The first soaker no longer fits but lasted up until 12 months old. The second soaker accidentally shrank (oops)

I've been knitting again for a few months and have discovered a new addiction (thanks nappycino) in dyeing my own wool. So I thought I's post some pics.

This is the first soaker I've knitted from my first dyeing effort. I'm pretty proud of it. I was a modified version of a free pattern as bubba has weird measurements (very skinny waist but big hips). Bubba still fits it and has worn it from about 5 months old but I'd like it a bit longer in the rise:

Here is some more wool that I have dyed and knitted up into another soaker. The colours are divine.
I'll take pics of the soaker when it is out of the wash. My next soaker will involve some of the left over wool from the first soaker. I'm actually really looking forward to how it will look once it is done as I'm going to be a bit trickier with the next one.

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