Wednesday, 28 November 2007

New Knitty Pics - Posted 05/04/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: The soaker at the bottom is the one that shrunk and my friend loved the jumper!

Thought I'd share some more pics of my knitting. This first one is my current project - what will it be? This is a jumper I finished a couple of weeks ago for a friend who has just had her second baby (a boy)! It has come out bigger than I had hoped but I'm going to wash it and hope that it shrinks down a little bit. I'd say it would currently fit a 6 month old (maybe older) but I was aiming for a 3-6 month old fit!!! Oh well, I'm sure she'll still love it.

This is a photo of the finished soaker using the red/orange/yellow wool I showed you in an earlier post. It has faded a little as the color was leeching and I had to reset it so its now a bit lighter than it was originally but still looks good. As you can see my boy likes to undo the ties on his soakers (and the velcro on some of his nappies as well).

That's it for now.

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