Sunday, 16 December 2007


I'm currently making a masquerade mask for Matts Christmas party on Friday night. Will upload pics of how I did it another time. I am also trying to get a new pair of longies finished for Ned before we head OS in Jan. Other than that we are busy with Christmas stuff so I probably won't post again for a little bit.

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Stay At Home Mum - Posted 09/09/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: I entered some pics in the ANN but they didn't get picked. Oh well, I know he is gorgeous.

Since I posted here. But I have quit my job and am now a stay at home mum - Whoo hoo! We are both much happier.

I have also started to sew Neds nappies myself - an amazing feat for a non-sewer. Since he has become a super dooper wee-er, particularly overnight, I decided I could make nappies myself at a cheaper cost than buying the specific night nappies; although if I calculated it properly I am probably not saving a huge amount due to the amount of bamboo I am packing into them :) but I am learning a new skill and enjoying myself so it's all good. Teamed with a wool cover we are making it all night now - YAY!!!

So here is a picture of my current favourite (a recent effort) although I've since discovered that it is much easier and better looking to do square tabs than rounded ones so all the newest ones have square tabs:

Anyway I better go but thought I'd update the blog. I plan on taking photos of Ned for the ANN calendar but I need to make his nappy first (a foray into all-in-ones).

Gorgeous Longies - Posted 17/06/07

Well I finished Neds soaker and have now also finished his first pair of longies using the wool I posted earlier (my Addi Trubos finally arrived - YAY) and a free pattern online which I adjustedfor 8ply and fit over a cloth nappy. I love them. Ned wasn't being very helpful when I wanted pics so here's a pic of the longies on their own and one of him in them so you can see the fit at the back over a BBH.

WHW Trutle Wrap - Posted 05/05/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: I shrank the wrap and it fitted better bu was then a bit narrow through the crotch. Giving up on this pattern.
It's May!!!! I can't believe my boy will be a year old in 2 weeks time. It has absolutely flown. He's almost walking on his own now too - very scary.
This is the finished Warm Heart Woolies Wrap I was working on a few weeks back. I wanted to try it for nights as I still have to do midnight changes and this would just make it that bit easier and quicker than a soaker.
I'm a little bit disappointed as I wanted the entire waistand in the varigated green but ran out of wool, and I started the turtle, my own design, too high and it turned out a bit elongated. In hindsight I should have undone it to where I wanted it and modified the design as I went but I wanted to get started on my next project. Overall though I do like this pattern - it's easy to knit and looks good. I haven't tried it on Ned yet (I took ages to sew on the velcro as I didn't have any and couldn't be bothered going to the shops to get it) so I'm waiting until I have before I pass my final judgement on it. I am currently knitting a new soaker for Ned to replace the ones he's outgrown (the previous two in my blog) in Navy blue with some yellow/orange/red stripes. I'm also waiting on some Addis so I can start a pair of longies using some new wool I've dyed (and I love it, even though I wasn't sure about the gold/green in it to begin with) - see pic in my page header.
See you soon...

New Knitty Pics - Posted 05/04/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: The soaker at the bottom is the one that shrunk and my friend loved the jumper!

Thought I'd share some more pics of my knitting. This first one is my current project - what will it be? This is a jumper I finished a couple of weeks ago for a friend who has just had her second baby (a boy)! It has come out bigger than I had hoped but I'm going to wash it and hope that it shrinks down a little bit. I'd say it would currently fit a 6 month old (maybe older) but I was aiming for a 3-6 month old fit!!! Oh well, I'm sure she'll still love it.

This is a photo of the finished soaker using the red/orange/yellow wool I showed you in an earlier post. It has faded a little as the color was leeching and I had to reset it so its now a bit lighter than it was originally but still looks good. As you can see my boy likes to undo the ties on his soakers (and the velcro on some of his nappies as well).

That's it for now.

Soakers - Posted 20/03/07

Edit Note 28/11/07: The first soaker no longer fits but lasted up until 12 months old. The second soaker accidentally shrank (oops)

I've been knitting again for a few months and have discovered a new addiction (thanks nappycino) in dyeing my own wool. So I thought I's post some pics.

This is the first soaker I've knitted from my first dyeing effort. I'm pretty proud of it. I was a modified version of a free pattern as bubba has weird measurements (very skinny waist but big hips). Bubba still fits it and has worn it from about 5 months old but I'd like it a bit longer in the rise:

Here is some more wool that I have dyed and knitted up into another soaker. The colours are divine.
I'll take pics of the soaker when it is out of the wash. My next soaker will involve some of the left over wool from the first soaker. I'm actually really looking forward to how it will look once it is done as I'm going to be a bit trickier with the next one.

New Craft Site

Since my pregnancy blog was rapidly becoming a craft site, decided to separate the two so that I could keep track. So this is my new craft blog. I will update this blog with info and pics on all the crafts I do which includes but is not limited to knitting, sewing, card-making and scrapbooking. I will start moving over some of the posts from the other blog later...cheers.